About Us

Wier Enterprises

STEVE WIER earned his construction engineering degree from Texas A&M University, and worked almost a decade in commercial construction before starting Wier Enterprises. This hands-on experience coupled with a deep understanding of the construction and engineering disciplines enable us to assist in your design and construct your projects smoothly. We are integral to your team from project conception to final occupancy.

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE each of our superintendents have


Project Philosophy – A Job Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Together

No one likes to show up late for the party. That’s why Wier Enterprises encourages all our clients to bring us to the table at project conception. Our experience proves that early contractor involvement can save substantial time and money over the project lifetime. This collaborative effort also helps project stakeholders – owners, users, consultants – understand project goals and measures for success. Clients have told us that when Wier Enterprises is on their job, we become a member of their own construction team. We honor this approach to teamwork, and strive to achieve it on every project. We believe it results in a better finished product and happier clients.

Our project management teams plan and coordinate all aspects of each project.

The Proof is in the People

Your project contract may be with Wier Enterprises, but we know people often come to us with a specific superintendent already in mind. We take these requests as a tremendous compliment to the caliber of staff we employ. When it comes to our people, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Our people work hard to consistently deliver a product and provide an experience that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

We only solicit bids from subcontractors we know and trust.

Relationships, One Brick at a Time

We build buildings, but we create relationships. The majority of our work is repeat business, 90% of new work comes from referrals, and 75% of our projects are completed on a negotiated cost basis rather than through a bid process. We like to say, “a handshake is all it takes” to get your project done. What this really means is that responsibility and integrity are alive and well at Wier Enterprises.